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How are teen pregnancies a ‘security challenge’ in Western Kenya?

She left Kenya in February 2018 for treatment in Atlanta, United States, where she stayed for more than a year while undergoing treatment (Nation, June 5, p.3). Do you need to end with “while undergoing treatment” after stating that she left Kenya for treatment?

It is not known when supply will be revamped, but Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha told the Nation that the shortage had been resolved, with some of the drugs already in the country and others expected next week (Nation, June 5, p.4). If that is what the CS said, why still report that “it is not known when supply will be revamped”?

This even as Governor Irungu Kang’ata was only been able to provide 57 per cent of the documents to explain the expenditure worth about Sh760 million (People Daily, June 3, p.2). How do you report that someone “was only been able” to do something?

Assault and sexual and gender-based violence, teenage pregnancies, illicit brews and drugs are some of the main security challenges in Western region (People Daily, June 3, p.12). But how are teenage pregnancies a security challenge?

Brian Rajab, 27, is said to have drowned in a pond-like water body in Muheza, Tanga, while on a school trip on May 26 (Star, June 6, p.8). What’s “a pond-like water body” in plain English? It’s either a pond or not.

Kenya tightens fake imports war with pre-shipment checks (Star, June 6, p.11). No, you don’t “tighten” a war. You heighten, expand or intensify a war but tighten control or regulation.

Garissa county commissioner has asked chiefs and their assistants to ensure girls who drop out of school due to pregnancies return back to class (Standard, June 6, p.2). It’s “return to class”, not “return back to class” because return means go back.

The leaders said they are not taking anything to chance (Standard, June 6, p.4). What does this mean? The right expression is they are “not leaving anything to chance”.

One again, county governments are under the spotlight for not for not exhausting their development budgets (Standard editorial, June 6, p.14). Urgh.

The site for the proposed Nyamira county university will be made public next month whne President William Ruto visits the county to assess development projects, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has said (People Daily, June 6, p.3). Said it here before: there are no county universities. All public universities are national government institutions.

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