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With Queenter Mbori’s appointment a new dawn for AMWIK

By Rachel Ombaka

The recent appointment of Queenter Mbori as the new executive director of the Association of Media Women in Kenya heralds a promising chapter for the organisation and the industry as a whole.

For decades, AMWIK has been a beacon of empowerment, advocating for gender equality and amplifying the voices of women in the media. However, like many institutions, it has faced challenges and setbacks that have dimmed its once vibrant presence.

Mbori’s appointment – which followed a hiring process that was “rigorous and competitive” – comes at a critical juncture for the association. AMWIK is also gearing up for elections of its board members in the coming weeks.

Mbori brings a refreshing wave of optimism with her track record of exemplary leadership at the helm of the Standard Group Women Network and Woman Kenya. Her vision to reignite AMWIK’s mission, which is to use the media to promote an informed and gender responsive society in Kenya and Africa, resonates with many who have long admired the organisation’s work.

One of the pressing tasks ahead is to address the gaps in representation of women in the media industry and to address significant challenges such as sexual harassment that is still rampant in the industry, according to an AMWIK study released in February 2024. By leveraging the association’s platform and partnerships, Mbori has the opportunity to spearhead initiatives that promote gender inclusivity and create pathways for women to thrive in media.

Moreover, AMWIK has a unique role in shaping media narratives and fostering dialogue on key issues affecting women and society. From gender-based violence to economic empowerment, the association continues to drive meaningful change through advocacy and storytelling. With dynamic leadership at the helm, AMWIK can reclaim its position as a thought leader and catalyst for social progress.

However, the road ahead is not without its challenges. The media landscape is constantly evolving, presenting new obstacles and opportunities. The new executive director will need to navigate these complexities with resilience and innovation, forging strategic partnerships and adapting to emerging trends.

Yet, amidst the challenges lies immense potential. As AMWIK embarks on this new chapter under fresh leadership, there is a palpable sense of hope and possibility. With determination and vision, the association can once again become a force for positive change, inspiring generations of women in media and beyond.

Ultimately, Mbori’s appointment is not just a milestone for AMWIK but a moment of reckoning for the entire media industry. It is a reminder of the power of quality female leaders to shape the course of organisations and movements. As we look to the future, let us rally behind AMWIK and its new leadership, as a new course is charted towards a more inclusive and equitable media landscape.

Rachel is a seasoned journalist and a member of AMWIK.

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