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Media should not make public office matter of life and death

Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi now faces the battle of his life after National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula approved an ouster motion against him over the fake fertilizer saga (Star, May 1, p.8). Hyperbole is fine, but why would removal of a CS from office be described as “the battle of his life”, really?

Mombasa father worried about son abducted two weeks ago (Star, May 1, p.22). Weak headline. Of course, the father of a son abducted two weeks ago would be “worried”. So, where’s the news in this heading?

In the meantime, the DP headed to Ihithe in Nyeri for the burial of retired African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) clergy Amos Kabuthu (Standard, May 2, p.9). Clergy is religious leaders as a group. One is a clergyman, clergywoman or cleric.

The surging population of Nakuru City has forced investors and developers to put up better housing facilities in almost all estates to accommodate growing demand (Standard, May 2, p.29). You have a growing city that has created demand for better housing and investors are exploiting this attractive opportunity. But our journo writes in a negative tone that these developers have been “forced” to build better houses (not “housing facilities”). Aje sasa?

High net worth individuals are shunning away from commercial property investments (Standard, May 2, p.30). They are shunning (avoiding/rejecting) commercial property investments, not “shunning away from.”

President William Ruto has made good his threat to slash ministries’ budgets by hundreds of billions in the coming financial year in an intended move to align expenditures with available resources (Star, May 2, p.6). Wordy. But why is the President’s plan to slash ministry expenditures reported as a “threat”? To whom?

Para 4: Treasury said the cuts were informed by the underperformance of revenues in 2023-24. Less money was collected, so how is adjusting budgets to this reality a “threat”?

Kenyan communities could soon start receiving financial compensation and royalties for the use of their cultures and cultural heritage should a proposed bill sail through Parliament and be enacted into law (People Daily, May 2, p.14). That makes it sound like “cultures and cultural heritage” are two different things.

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