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Learning from Nation Media Group’s success at AJEA

By Janet Kipya

The recent Annual Journalism Excellence Awards (AJEA 2024) organised by the Media Council of Kenya showcased the outstanding achievements of Nation Media Group. NMG dominated the awards, securing victories in multiple categories. Out of the 18 categories, NMG emerged the winner in 11, making it a remarkable achievement for the media organisation.

The winners from NMG included Kamau Maichuhie for Agriculture and Food Security (print), Ngina Kirori and Alex Oeba for Best Investigative Story (TV), Hellen Shikanda for Best Investigative Story (print), Kenneth Rutto and Daniel Ogetta for Breaking News Reporting (TV and digital), Mercy Koskei and Fred Kibor for Development and Public Affairs Reporting (digital), Moraa Obiria for Digital Superhighway and Innovation Reporting (print), Angela Oketch and Amina Mbuthia for Environment and Climate Change Reporting (print and digital), Vincent Owino for Gender Reporting (print), Mkamburi Mwawasi and Ruth Sarmwei for Gender Reporting (digital), Ibrahim Karanja and Mercy Chelangat for Governance Reporting (print), Hellen Shikanda for Health and Medical Reporting (print), Samuel Muigai for Illustrator of the Year, and Smriti Vidyarthi, Jane Gatwiri, and Robert Gichira for Best Television Production.

This article explores the valuable lessons that aspiring and seasoned professionals can learn from NMG journalists’ achievements, providing comprehensive guidance for those in the field.

Embrace teamwork

One standout reason behind NMG’s success is their emphasis on teamwork. The strong presence of journalists and the unity displayed when their colleagues won at the awards ceremony signifies a cohesive and supportive environment within the organisation. Collaboration among journalists not only fosters trust but also enhances collective efforts towards achieving excellence in journalism.

Diverse coverage, comprehensive storytelling

NMG’s success also highlights the value of diverse coverage and comprehensive storytelling. Their adeptness in covering a wide range of topics and issues underscores the importance of versatility in reporting. Journalists can draw inspiration from NMG’s ability to effectively cover various subjects, thereby enriching their own reporting and contributing to a more holistic media landscape.

Quality research and reporting

Another key takeaway from NMG’s triumph is the emphasis on quality reporting and thorough research. Their ability to produce well-researched, impactful journalism serves as a testament to the importance of in-depth investigation and fact-checking. Journalists from other media houses can learn the significance of meticulous reporting, ensuring accuracy and reliability in their work.

Community engagement and impact

Journalism is not just about reporting the news but also making meaningful impact on society. NMG’s success likely reflects their commitment to community engagement, addressing pressing issues, and amplifying voices that might otherwise go unheard. Journalists from other media houses can learn from their approach in creating content that resonates with and positively influences their audiences.

Upholding ethical standards

NMG’s success underscores the importance of upholding ethical standards and maintaining integrity in journalism. Journalists can learn from NMG’s adherence to high ethical principles including objectivity, fairness, and transparency. By prioritising ethical conduct in their work, journalists can ensure public trust and credibility, essential components of impactful journalism.

Continuous learning and adaptability

NMG’s success also reminds journalists of the importance of continuous learning and adaptability. Aspiring and seasoned professionals should constantly seek opportunities to enhance their skills, stay updated with industry trends, and adapt to new technologies and storytelling techniques. NMG’s achievements serve as an inspiration to never stop learning and evolving in the ever-changing media landscape.

The success of the Nation Media Group at the AJEA 2024 offers valuable insights and lessons for journalists from other media houses. From embracing teamwork and professional development, fostering diversity and inclusion, there are numerous strategies that journalists can adopt to enhance their craft and contribute to the advancement of the discipline as a whole. By learning from the achievements of not only NMG but others and continuously striving for excellence, journalists can elevate the standards of the media and make lasting impact on society.

Kipya is an analyst at MCK.

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