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Adopted or not? Papers sow confusion about June Moi

Unlike the other Moi family members who are either boisterous, withdrawn or simply rowdy, June was the quiet persona (Nation, April 12, p.3). Boisterous means rowdy, so the contrast here ends with “withdrawn”.

That she was seen as ‘adopted’ within Moi’s family was an indicator of how she was seen. What’s the sense here? She was seen as adopted, fine, and that was an indicator of what? Of “how she was seen”?

Standard: She was the last born among the former president’s eight children and had close ties with her brothers and sisters. Nation, citing the biography, “Moi: The Making of an African Statesman” by Andrew Morton, reported that June was “adopted”. So, what’s the truth?

While most of her siblings had troubled marriages, June never got married and had no children (Nation, April 12, p.3).

Standard: She leaves behind a daughter, Paula Jepkemboi. Hapo vipi?

The controversial affordable housing by the Kenya Kwanza administration found its tentacles on stage at the ongoing Kenya National Drama and Film Festival with calls for a humane implementation of the project (Standard, April 17, p.3). Affordable housing “found its tentacles on stage” means what exactly?

Former Kiambu MCA jailed for 30 years for murdering wife (Star online, April 12). Intro: Former Riruta ward MCA Samuel Njoroge has been sentenced to 30 years in jail for the murder of his wife. A journalist based in Kiambu has no idea Riruta ward is in Nairobi County. Sawa tu.

Other leaders present included Kanu chairman Gideon Moi, former Chief Justice emeritus David Maraga, former Defence CS Eugene Wamalwa, senators and Members of Parliament (People Daily, April 19, p.7). Former and “emeritus” are synonyms. And senators, baithawee, are actually Members of Parliament. Kenya’s Parliament is bicameral, has two houses of National Assembly and Senate.

Former Murang’a governor Mwangi wa Iria’s wife Jane Waigwe and her brother Solomon Mutura Kimani were yesterday arraigned in a Sh531 million graft case (Nation, April 18, p.44). That’s clear. The two were charged with alleged offence.

Alafu next para: However, a bid to charge Ms Waigwe was stopped following a High Court order barring her trial. This is confusing because it means only her brother Kimani was “arraigned”, but not both.

The government yesterday maintained its hardline stance in dealing with the ongoing medics’ strike (Nation, April 18, p.44). This is opinion. There is a labour dispute and if you describe one party’s position as a “hardline stance”, you’ve taken sides. If Gava says it will not meet the demands of the strikers, you remain objective by stating that fact. Your readers will decide whether that is a “hardline stance” or not after reading Gava’s reasoning versus the medics’ demands.

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