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What’s CGTRH? Don’t use strange acronyms in headlines

Clinics at CGTRH closed as doctors’ strike enters day 6 (Star, March 20, p.22). Allocate more funds to KUTTRH, MPs say (People Daily, March 20, p.3). Man faults appointment of ‘unqualified’ CHPs (Nation, March 21, p.7). What are those ugly acronyms in the headlines? Only use familiar abbreviations/acronyms (UN, Cotu, ODM, Knut, Kanu) in the headlines.

A man killed his daughter and attacked his wife before committing suicide in Nyandarua (Standard, March 18, p.3). The phrase “commit suicide” is no longer in use in journalism as it is judgmental, suggesting criminal action. He died by suicide.

In efforts to improve water supply while addressing perennial shortages in Murang’a, Kiambu and Nairobi counties, the Athi River Water Works Development Agency (AWWDA) has embarked on ambitious multibillion-shilling dam projects (Standard, March 18, p.16). “To improve water supply while addressing water shortages” is poor thinking. Those are not two separate points, as suggested by “while”, but just one. If you “improve water supply”, are you not “addressing perennial shortages”? Ama niaje?

Police yesterday remained tight-lipped over the mysterious killing of notorious Mombasa drug baron Swaleh Yusuff Ahmed alias Kandereni whose body was discovered in a thicket in Msumarini in Kilif County on Sunday, exactly nine days after he was picked from his house by individuals who allegedly identified themselves as police officers (People Daily, March 20, p.2). That’s an intro of 51 words. Attempting to pack an entire story into a single sentence. Bad writing.

Gertrude Children’s Hospital has called for collective efforts in fighting against childhood (People Daily, March 19, p.2). Ati fighting against what?

This was triggered by Kisii nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba, who sought to seek a statement from the Standing Committee on Health on the two level five hospitals (Star online, March 20). Ati “who sought to seek”? We have no writer here.

Many children and younger people under the age of 25 face serious challenges in defining what the present future holds for them (Standard, March 21, p.15). What time is “the present future”, my fren’?

Kakamega County’s economic fortunes will change if the 22 memoranda of understandings signed between the devolved unit and various development partners are actualised (Nation, March 21, p.8). The plural of memorandum of understanding is memoranda/memorandums of understanding, not “memoranda of understandings”.

Headline of that story? Kakamega signs 22 deals at investor forum. But not a single MoU was listed in the story. Only the President’s speech took the entire half-page. Bad journalism.

Mr Gachagua said he would meet with National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njunguna Ndung’u…(Nation, March 21, p.5). Treasury CS is Njuguna, not “Njunguna”. The court has directed the petitioner, Mr Jared Mairurura Ratemo…(Nation, March 21, p.10). The petitioner’s middle name is Mairura, not “Mairurura”. Getting names of persons in the news right is part of the core professional tenet of accuracy.

Details have emerged on how private financial technology firms (fintechs) are making minting from counties during revenue collection (Star, March 22, p.8). Zero meaning.

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