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How media ‘seemingly’ demolished Maggie’s church

There is something deeply maternal about her holiness Bishop Rev Dr Margaret Wanjiru, hereinafter referred to as Maggie or Mother Maggie.

Well, Maggie has a way of stirring emotions. If Francis is Papa of the Catholics, then Maggie is Mama of the evangelicals in Kenya.  Which makes Maggie, a media magnet; so much so that if Maggie sheds a tear, the media reports a flood.

And so, it came to pass that someone made Maggie cry last week. And when Maggie cries, we the media wail.

Drama as Bishop Wanjiru’s Nairobi Church demolished – wailed The Star.

Bishop Wanjiru lamentation as ‘goons’ demolish her Church – yowled our friends at the Twin Towers.

The Standard lowered the standards of wailing by not wailing at all.

But, wait a minute, was Maggie’s church really “demolished?”

On the day it was reported demolished, we looked and looked but found no photos of Maggie’s “demolished Church” on both DN and The Star. We only found the photo of Maggie covering her face with a handkerchief in the front page of The Star, and the good bishop leaning on a walking stick inside the DN.

Where were the pictures of Maggie’s “demolished church”?

And then the smart people at The Star confused us even more: “A wall constructed between the church and the Railways land has been the bone of contention.

Confound it! What exactly was demolished? The wall between Maggie’s church and the lunatic express land or Maggie’s church?

Our friends at the Twin Towers neither saw the wall nor a demolition. Instead, they painted the picture of Maggie as a victim of crime, not a victim of a demolition: “Embattled cleric Bishop Magaret Wanjiru (takes) seemingly agonising steps with helpers outside her Jesus Is Alive ministry church…she claimed that unknown assailants beat her up, stole her phone and started knocking down the building.”

Maggie was limping in “seemingly agonising steps…outside her church?” So, the church was not demolished, after all? Or maybe it was seemingly demolished?

In ‘one stroke of a caption’ the good fellows at the Twin Towers turned Maggie’s seemingly demolished church story into a crime story. Maggie was not in pain because of the seeming demolition of her church, but because she was seemingly beaten up by seemingly unknown assailants.

In short, Maggie was a victim of petty crime – not a victim of massive destruction of her property in Nairobi. Which left us wondering: Was Bishop Rev Dr Maggie’s church really demolished?

Don’t ask us – the media seemed to say between the lines – go ask Maggie or go check for yourselves. Msituletee.

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