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Here’s why you can’t have ‘Nyamira county university’

The tussle among elected leaders over the location of the proposed Nyamira county university will be decided by a technical committee made up of members of Kisii University and the Commission for Higher Education (People Daily, February 5, p.7). Well, there is no chance of having “Nyamira county university”. All public universities are national institutions. And “the Commission for Higher Education” doesn’t exist. We have the Commission for University Education.

He just walked out barefoot! How a most wanted fugitive escaped from custody (Nation, February 9, p.2). Alafu: It is not clear what transpired inside the station between the lawyer’s visit and the moment police officers ran out of the station in hot pursuit of the suspect. But the headline promised to tell us “how” the fugitive escaped, no?

And then: It would take a man with a great sense of derring-do to make the dash from the main gate to whichever direction, and the accounts of three witnesses that we have talked to appeared to contradict those of the police on what transpired. Sasa tu-do? You were supposed to tell us “how” the fugitive escaped. But you are not sure.

Four more people have died in Kangai village, Kirinyaga County, after consuming an alcoholic drink laced with ethanol (Nation, February 8, p.12). Doesn’t make sense because, isn’t ethanol alcohol?

The teachers’ employer TSC – an independent commission – has been engaged in a silent war with the ministry under which it belonged before the promulgation of the 2010 Constitution that entrenched its autonomy (Nation, February 5, p.6). You say “to which it belonged,” not “under which it belonged”.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is among government agencies that will be required to have its serves hosted locally, if proposed regulations come into force (Nation, February 5, p.8). IEBC is among agencies that will be required to have “their”, not “its”, serves hosted locally.

Auditor general blamed for loss of public debt (People Daily, February 6, p.4). Sasa wadau,how can public debt be “lost”?

Alarm has been raised over rampant cases of school dropout among girls in West Pokot county due to banditry (People Daily, p.7). Next: A new survey shows hundreds of girls from the war-torn region…What “war”? Bandits stealing cows and goats and sometimes shooting people dead doesn’t qualify a region as “war-torn”. That’s overstating the problem by a lot.

MKU, Strathmore feted as top universities in new survey (People Daily, February 5, p.3). Except they aren’t. Para 2: In the latest assessment report by Webometrics, the University of Nairobi has retained the top slot in Kenya, with eight public universities dominating the list. So, why pick the only two private ones on the list for the headline? They are position seven and 10 kwa kumi bora. What kind of journalism is that?

Detectives review CCTV in hunt for killers of university student (Star, February 7, p.20). What’s the news here? Sleuths would review CCTV footage as a matter of course in such cases. Did they find anything useful? That would be the news.

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