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Firearms are not ‘crude weapons’, nah, that is pangas and rungus

Kenya is set to end visa requirements for all visitors starting next month, President William Ruto has announced (Nation, December 13, p.5). That is clear, isn’t it?

Next: The development will now bring to an end the need to apply for a visa to visit the country for all citizens of the world. What additional info does this paragraph convey? None. Same as intro.

Para 5: The effect of the landmark move means it will no longer be necessary for any person from any corner of the world to apply for a visa to enter Kenya. Argh. What’s the point of this repetition?

We were all cognizant of the need to remain vigil, follow security instructions, and be wary of strangers who might want to stop our vehicle for whatever reason (Nation, December 11, p.9). You remain “vigilant” (watchful or alert), not “vigil”.

Why does a red hot coals beget cold impotent ashes? (Standard, December 11, p.2). Mix of singular and plural grates.

Needless to say, circumcision is an important rite of passage among some Kenyan communities among them Gikuyu, Gusii, Ameru, Abaluhya and Kalenjin (Standard editorial, December 11, p.12). After one sentence: Needless to say, circumcision of girls… Ah.

A report has called for loss and damage finance towards hardest hit small holder farmers (Star, December 15, p.17). Poor writing. A report doesn’t call for anything. People in the report do.

Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir yesterday held parallel Jamhuri Day celebrations from the one led by Mombasa County Commissioner Abdirazak Jaldesa (Nation, December 13, p.6). Nah, a clearer way to write this is that Governor Nassir and Commissioner Jaldesa held parallel Jamhuri Day celebrations.

There is a rift between the county government and the national government over plans to lease key instalments of the Mombasa Port to private investors (Nation, December 13, p.6). That should be “installations” not “instalments”.

Rattled by the rescue mission, an angry mob armed with all manner of crude weapons, including firearms, stormed Maron Police Post in Embobut, Marakwet East, demanding to know why the officers were rounding up the girls (Nation, December 13, p.11). Firearms cannot be counted as “crude weapons”. They are sophisticated weapons. Crude weapons are pangas and rungus.

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