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Zitah Jimoi’s live broadcast mishap exposes unforgiving industry

By Dex Mumo

Journalism is challenging, especially for those just starting their careers. Recently, Zitah Jimoi, a Citizen TV sports analyst, was criticised after what many viewed as a lacklustre performance during a show.

Viewers couldn’t help but notice her tense demeanour, which sparked a heated discussion about the difficulties journalists face when presenting on television.

On-camera presentations are an uphill battle for many journalists. So, embarking on this career is an arduous and perpetual learning process whose skills can only be honed through hands-on experience. Aspiring journalists can gain the confidence they need to improve their on-camera presence with support.

Presenting on live television comes with a whole set of unique pressures. The daunting realisation that millions of viewers are watching your every move can be suffocating, leading to unexpected nervousness and tension.

Zitah Jimoi’s experience is a stark reminder that even seasoned professionals can crumble under pressure. It is crucial to acknowledge that the initial years of a journalist’s career are often riddled with a steep learning curve and mastering the demands of live broadcasting takes enormous time and practice.

During the early stages of their careers, journalists need support and understanding from their colleagues, mentors, and viewers.

Instead of mercilessly criticising their performance, viewers must provide encouragement and constructive suggestions that foster growth. Journalists need a nurturing environment that promotes growth and helps them navigate the challenges of live broadcasting.

Jimoi’s experience serves as a reminder that it takes an immense amount of time to develop the ability to appear composed, maintain a confident delivery, and think on your feet while live on air. Mistakes and moments of nervousness are inevitable during this learning phase, but they serve as invaluable lessons for improvement.

Persistence is necessary when faced with the initial challenges of a journalist’s career. Aspiring journalists must embrace setbacks as an integral part of their journey. Through unwavering perseverance, they can conquer their initial nervousness and evolve into their roles.

Seasoned professionals can offer valuable insights, advice, and support to help aspiring journalists navigate the unforgiving challenges of live broadcasting.

Mentorship programmes within media organisations are also needed to foster growth and facilitate cultivation of necessary skills. By learning from those who have already weathered similar storms, young journalists can expedite their development and establish a solid career foundation.

Zitah Jimoi’s experience should inspire others in similar situations, demonstrating that improvement is achievable with time and unwavering dedication.

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