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Win Christmas goat: When did British colonialism end in Kenya?

Located in Cheptais, a village at the foot of Mount Elgon, the school is a colonial-era institution dating back to 1972 (Standard, December 7, p.3). Wacha. British colonial rule ended in Kenya on December 12, 1963. A school “dating back to 1972”, nearly a decade into independence, can’t be described as a “colonial-era institution”.

The bill says the chief of staff shall serve at the President’s pleasure and will be the President’s chief of staff (Standard, December 7, p.2). Ala! You got that?

Working as a journalist in 2023 in Kenya is a more freer endeavour with robust editorial independence and standardised quality assurance by the editorial boards and the Media Council of Kenya (Star, December 7, p.2). Yes, but we don’t say “more freer”, just “freer”.

He flew out of Kenya less than three months ago to the USA looking for a hitman to kill his wife whom they had fallen out with, only for the killer to leak the motive to the police (Nation, December 7, p.3). Whom “he”, not “they”, had fallen out with.

The reporting line of the CASs, the Bill proposes, shall be such that they will be answerable to the Attorney General or the respective Cabinet Secretary “in the performance of their duties” (Nation, December 7, p.4). Wordy. Remove “reporting line”, “shall be such that they” and “in the performance of their duties”. Just say, the Bill proposes that CASs will be answerable to the Attorney General or the respective Cabinet Secretary. Kwisha.

In its judgement, the High Court stated that whereas the President could establish a state office within the ranks of the public service, it required approval by the National Assembly (Nation, December 7, p.4). You don’t need to say, “in its judgment” when it’s clear you are citing a court decision.

The court, while delivering its judgement, stated…Nah. As above.

Collapse of scaffold, casualties lift lead on safety lapses at construction sites (Real Estate, Standard, December 7, p.30). It’s lift the “lid” (reveal, expose).

Sad love of GBV survivors in Majengo (Nation headline, December 7, p.12). What’s “sad love”? Story told of sad “lives”.

The top female student at Moi Educational Centre in the 2023 KCPE exam has been awarded a Sh300,000 scholarship to support his secondary education (Standard, November 8, p.5). His?

Govt issues intense rains, storms across Kenya from tomorrow (Capital News headline, December 9). Gava can do many things, of course, but how does it “issue” intense rains and storms?

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