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If 80% of persons displaced by floods are women, where are men?

The experts said globally 80 per cent of people displaced by floods are women, making them the biggest bearers of the climate change burden (Star, November 29, p.10). Who produces such stats? If an area is hit by floods and eight out ten displaced persons are women, what happens to the men? They continue living there? Some gender narratives don’t make sense.

At the time, he was 29 years old and was at the Nyeri ASK show ground helping his sister-in-law man a stand during the exhibitions (Star, November 29, p.2). How do you help your sister-in-law, a woman, “man” something? Gender activists won’t agree. So, use synonyms like “run” or “operate.”

As you step into Wilda Farm on the outskirts of Njoro, Nakuru county, one thing is clear: cleanliness is the epitome (Star, November 29, p.14). Bad construction. Something is “the epitome of” – perfect example of – a particular quality. That’s the correct use of the expression.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is piecing together a case that could reveal the defrauding of taxpayers in the edible oils import scandal (Nation, November 29, p.8). How do you conclude it’s a “scandal” before DCI investigations are completed or anyone charged?

The iconic Kenyatta International Convention Centre which defines Nairobi’s skyline and is one of the top national monuments is up for sale (Star, November 28, p.12). KICC has never been declared a national monument under the National Museums and Heritage Act, Cap 216. It’s a state corporation.

 The four former IEBC commissioners who unceremoniously resigned over their alleged conduct in last year’s elections could be paid hefty perks after all (Star, November 27, p.6). What ceremonies does anyone need to resign? What meaning does “unceremoniously” convey in this intro? None.

In the first ever audit of public secondary schools, Gathungu raised concerns over unsupported expenditure relating to tuition fees, unsupported payments for boarding facilities, unsupported emoluments and capitation on grants (People Daily, November 27, p.2). Was it necessary to repeat “unsupported” three times in a single sentence?

Apart from creation of the office of the official opposition and two deputies, that could open a new spending front from the exchequer, a [the] bulk of the recommendations are geared at tightening the pursue (Standard, November 28, p.4). This about the National Dialogue Committee report. What’s “tightening the pursue”?

Overcrowding of individuals who have moved to displacement camps is also likely to trigger respiratory track infections (Standard, November 28, p.10). Respiratory “tract” infections, not “track”.

Jobs for NHIF staff in limbo as new management take[s] over (Standard, November 28, p.6). Sri Lankan investors take over operations of James Finlay Kenya (p.8). County defends plan to take over war hospital (p.14). Lots of things being “taken over.”

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