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Alas, who writes Standard editorials nowadays, guys at the gate?

As much as we respect our cultures, those that are a hindrance to good health should be reviewed to reduce the advent of HIV/Aids (standard editorial, November 7, p.12). Advent means arrival of something new. HIV/Aids has been here for over 40 years. How do you “reduce” its arrival? Poor diction. The right word is reduce the “spread”.

Every year when the Cabinet Secretary for National Treasury takes to the floor of the August House to table new budget proposals, the country follows the proceedings with unabated optimism (Financial Standard, November 7, p.2). August is the eighth month of the year. Parliament is often described as the “august” (not August) House, meaning respected or hallowed.

This is the story of Mary, who, in a span of six years, lost two pregnancies and both her fallopian tubes. Now she lives with the dark reality of potentially never becoming a mother (Healthy Nation, November 7, p.4). Exactly how media promotes stigma around childless women. Is it possible to become a mother without conceiving naturally, or even without delivering your own a baby? Yes. Achana na hizo narratives za “dark reality” basi.

The report says that senior employees working in the project located in Kasigau, a remote Taita Taveta village, have repeatedly leveraged on their power to allegedly exact sexual encounters with junior women workers and those seeking jobs with them (Star, November 7, p.10). NGOs have their English. Government and churches, too. Lawyers and courts have theirs. Journalists don’t write things like “leveraged on their power to allegedly exact sexual encounters”. Say that in plain English.

A report by MPs on the inquiry on the 100 per cent buyback of Telkom Kenya by the government reveals how the Treasury mandarins made a kill by a simple move of reporting false exchange rates (People Daily, November 6, p.4). Made a killing, not “made a kill”.

The arrest of Ruai Police Station Commanding Officer (OCS) has lifted the lead on dirty tricks used by police officers to extort members of the public after arresting them on flimsy or framed up charges (People Daily, November 6, p.4). Lifted the lid, not “lead”.

Detectives from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) bounced on Ruai police station commander Chief Inspector Duncan Otieng… Pounced, not “bounced”.

According to the survey by Infotrack Research and Consulting, Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro is the best performing MP in the country with a performance rating of 70 per cent (Nation, November 6, p.2). Next: The second-term MP…Alafu The Star: The third-term MP…(November 6, p.4). What term is the MP serving? Samson Ndindi Nyoro was first elected in 2017.

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