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Athiani FM’s morning show is informative and engaging

analysis, monitoring

There is a show on Athiani FM every weekday morning at 8am referred to as “Kikalo Kya Atumia”. This show is hosted by Boniventure Mutinda, Macdonald wa Mathew and Kamundii – a comedian. It focuses on relationship issues that are usually read out by Mutinda. After an issue is explained, the presenters offer advice to the inquirer and invite listeners to give their advice.

It’s a simple, tested formula, a comedian on the morning show, the low hanging fruit that is relationships and the infinite issues out there. It also provides “filler” content for when they don’t have a guest in the studio or a topic of discussion. When the station has a guest, they usually don’t discuss relationship issues after the interview. The interview can last anywhere between 7am and 9am, hence the filler content segment.

When they don’t discuss relationships they can have guests like Dr Catherine Kyalo of Texas Cancer Centre coming to speak during breast cancer awareness month. On such occasions, one could argue that the station plays its role in educating and informing the masses, not just entertaining them.

On other occasions they have infomercials during the morning show, which tell us the segment is sold to attract advertisers. The interviews involve leaders in Ukambani like Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi, which also vindicates their formula for the morning show.

Is there risk of monotony? Yes. Sometimes the station will go for more than seven days without an interview and relationship issues are all you’ll find between 8am and 9am. They cover for the monotony by asking listeners to air issues that need attention in their area, so the station gives the issues a platform. One can say that there is a calculated effort to avoid monotony, which tells us something about how professionally things are being done.

Athiani FM has found a formula that attracts enough engagement while being sustainable in the competitive morning show segment of radio stations.

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