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Who scrapped Nyamira County, placed its top hospital under Kisii?

According to Dr Maurice Nick Raute, a consultant obstetrician/gynaecologist at Nyamira County Hospital in Kisii County, fibroids occur in about 30-40 per cent of women by the age of 45 years (Standard, Health & Science, October 23, p.4). Ahem, what is Nyamira County Hospital doing in Kisii County?

Hassan Aden Osman [former MP] argues that political hygiene begins with organised political vehicles (Standard, October 23, p.9). What’s that? Osman may have said so, but put it in plain language, unless it is a direct quote – which you shouldn’t use.

China will set up financing windows totaling 700 billion yuan ($95.8 billion) through two development banks to support projects involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, while an additional 80 billion yuan will be injected into Silk Road Fund to promote BRI cooperation, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on October (China Daily, October 23). An intro of 50 words is bad writing. If your story contains figures, jargon (“financing windows”), currency conversions, titles, dates and long names, keep sentences short.

The death of four people in a stampede in Kericho on Mashujaa Day has caused outrage across the country (Standard editorial, October 23, p.12). It is important to establish exactly what caused the stamped… What “stamped”?

Healthcare in Kenya is dogged by a myriad problem that should be taken care of for UHC to succeed (Standard editorial, October 23, p.12). It is “a myriad[s] of problems”, not “a myriad problem”.

Every 10 minutes, someone in Nairobi loses a smartphone to thugs. Security sources say most of these cases go unreported, making it difficult to apprehend the criminals (Nation, October 23, p.2). Scary. But if most of the cases “go unreported”, which means they are unknown, how did security sources come up with that statistic? Voodoo stats.

Miraa traders brace for new rules to grow, sale, transport crop (Nation headline, October 23, p.5). To grow, “sell” (verb, not “sale”, noun), transport crop.

Nation caught up with her at her home in Njiru, where she sadly narrated how she was shocked when she learnt that the parcels of land that she had in Mavoko were not genuine and that they belonged to East African Portland Cement Company (Nation, October 26, p.10). You can’t say parcels of land “were not genuine”. The land is genuine. It exists as a matter of fact, belongs to EAPCC. What is not genuine is her ownership of it (title deeds, etcetera).

Two weeks ago, Ms Lornah also lost four parcels of land that cost her Sh1 million to buy in Mavoko Sub-county in Machakos. Is it not enough to say the parcels cost her Sh1 million? Why add “to buy”?

The lawmakers yesterday expressed concern that cheating had become a norm in national exams thereby eroding the value of academic certificates (Nation, October 26, p.48). If something is now usual, standard or commonplace, then it has become “the” norm, not “a” norm.

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