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Standard reports two women sharing uterus, how is that possible?

Two women sue following illegal removal of their uterus, ovaries (Standard headline, October 6, p.2). Intro: Two women in court have said their uterus and ovaries were removed illegally. That means the two women shared a single uterus, otherwise that word should be in plural, uteruses, just like ovaries, see?

Azimio La Umoja leaders have demanded the arrest of perpetrators of the killings along the volatile Kisumu-Kericho border in Sondu (Standard, October 6, p.5). Next: At the same time Kericho Senator and Majority Leader Aaron Cheruiyot want[s] all police officers in Sondu along the volatile border transferred. Alafu: In a statement signed by NCIC chairperson Samuel Kobia, they called on the Interior Ministry to enhance security along the volatile…Next story: Uneasy calm yesterday returned to Sondu along the volatile…Oh, boy.

The government is yet to identify the mysterious illness that affected students at St Teresa’s Eregi Girls High School in Kakamaga County, leading to its closure (Nation, October 6, p. 10). Next: Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu confirmed that the illness has not been identified. This second sentence provides no additional info, except attribution. “The government has not identified the mysterious illness” (intro) and “Machogu confirmed that the illness has not been identified” is the same point. Put Machogu in the intro and you won’t need the second sentence.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) yesterday feted more than 590 teachers during the World Teachers Day 2023 celebrations, as the government announced plans to equip at least 1,000 primary schools across the country with an integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) platform for teaching and learning (Nation, October 6, p.12). Poor subbing. This bulky intro of 47 words has long names, with bracketed abbreviations and numbers that slow down reading and comprehension, besides yoking together two distinct points. Two separate sentences would have been better.

A social worker at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital who trafficked infants at a fee will spend 35 years in prison. Another social worker, Selina Awuor Adunda, was ordered to pay a fine of Sh300,000 or serve six years in default (Nation, October 5, p.3). Alafu: A court in Nairobi yesterday handed a former hospital employee 25 years in prison after finding him guilty of child trafficking. His co-accused, Selina Awuor, got a Sh300,000 fine. If she does not pay the fine,Milimani Court Senior Principal Magistrate Esther Kimilu ordered that she should serve two years in jail (Standard, October 5, p.6). So, who got the facts right?

Marsabit Governor Mohammud Ali announces early retirement from active politics (Citizen Digital, October 2). Para 2: The governor, who is the deputy party leader of the United Democratic Movement (UDM), is currently serving his second term. How is quitting politics after serving two terms as governor “early retirement”? That’s the constitutional terms limit. Or when are politicians supposed to retire, anyway?

A day after Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua washed his hands off the Meru leadership wrangles, focus has now shifted to the leaders who want Governor Kawira Mwangaza ousted (Standard, October 3, p.10). Gachagua washed his hands “of”, not “off”, the Meru leadership wrangles. He stopped being involved.

Health ministry in new campaign to cut maternal risks for mothers (Standard, October 3, p.12). What does this mean? Maternal means “for mothers”, or something to do with mother(s). You can’t write “maternal risks for mothers”, aisee.

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