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Ruto can be midwife, but what on earth is ‘executive opposition’?

Prof Mugenda has revealed that KUTRRH is keen on training its medics and enhancing research and innovation in the medical field in a bid to improve health services delivery (Standard Digital, August 27). That’s exactly the job of Kenyatta University Teaching Research and Referral Hospital. So, what did Mugenda “reveal”?

President William Ruto has reiterated that his administration is ready to midwife the formation of the office of the executive opposition leader to enhance their oversight mandate (Capital FM online, August 27). Leaving midwives alone for the time being, what on earth is “executive opposition leader”?

 Reports show the Rai family fortunes can be traced to the patriarch’s early entry into agriculture in the former Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Kenya during the post-independence era (Standard, August 28, p.2). Former DRC? Now called what? Zaire?

Tens of families and investors who have encroached on riparian land around Lake Naivasha have been put on notice (Standard, August 29, p.4). “Riparian” means relating to or adjacent to a river. Land (or anything) near or around a lake or sea is called “littoral”.

Higher salaries for teachers as schools open (Nation, August 29, p.1). Teachers have nothing to smile about in pay deal (Standard, August 29, p.1). Who got it right? Depends.

Judges want Sh1b apology after Uhuru left them out in the cold (Standard headline, August 30, p.4). Intro: A fresh battle between judges whom former President Uhuru Kenyatta sidelined has reached the court. If it is a battle or anything else “between”, then there are two sides. Judges and who in this intro?

Broke Kenyans withdraw Sh30.8 billion savings from saccos (, August 30). Kenyans who have that kind of money saved away in saccos are “broke”? Pen Cop wants to meet them.

The state has embarked on a plan to revamp and modernise the New Kenya Cooperative Creameries (Nation, August 31, p.21). Revamp and modernise are synonyms. Use one.

Opiyo Wandayi is one of the leading think tanks in Raila’s quest to checkmate President William Ruto’s regime and a towering political colossus whose rise to political stardom has left many baffled (Standard Digital, August 31). Towering political colossus or not, “think tank” strictly means body/team of experts, not an individual like Opiyo.

Rapist who used wife to lure victim to remain in prison (Star headline, August 30, p.1). Intro: In a strange case that even the court described as cut from television drama, a man had his wife lure a street beggar to his house before raping her, with the wife and another man assisting and watching. Still, the Star believes the wife was “used” by her husband.

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