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Nandis prayed on Kabiyet hill but that was nothing until cross came

The peak of the epic Kabiyet hill in Mosop, Nandi County, is now a sacred shrine (Standard, August 23, p.3). Why is Kabiyet hill “now” scared? Because the Catholic Church has erected a monumental crucifix there. Yet in para 4, we read: The Nandi community believed a supernatural being known as Asis (sun) lived at the hill. But the Nandi religion did not make Kabiyet hill “sacred”; the cross planted by Catholics “now” does.

Para 5: Elders performed rituals, prayed for rains, and conducted thanksgiving sacrifices for abundant harvests and good health, among others. But that was nothing. Kabiyet hill is sacred “now” after Catholics erected a giant crucifix there. Isorait.

 Even as police sought more time to hold Duncan Khamala, 27, the prime suspect in the latest murder of a Rwandese athlete in Iten, Elgeyo Marakwet County, fresh details have emerged about the relationship between him and the suspect’s alleged new girlfriend (Standard, August 23, p.8. If you say, “the latest murder of a Rwandese athlete in Iten”, you mean there have been other murders of Rwandans. This story didn’t list them.

Food prices among them sugar, eggs, and onions to go up – survey (Star, August 22, p.12). Sugar, eggs, and onions are not “food prices”, you get? Bad headline.

Kenyatta University wins highest number of trophies at festival (Nation, August 22, p.2). The students brought Nyeri town to a standstill when they took over the streets dancing in celebration as they carried the over 20 trophies they won in the 10-day event held at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. Two photos: Students and teachers of Iriaini Girls High School, and Vihiga Boys High School. Where are the dancing winners of KU?

With the 2027 election looming, Kenya Kwanza and Azimio, the largest coalitions, are keen to benefit from the boundary review and neither side is prepared to lose in the talks (Nation, August 23, p.4). Is the 2027 election looming, maanake about to happen? The next poll is four years away. See?

Harvard University-trained Kenya Revenue Authority Commissioner-General Humphrey Wattanga faces a huge task of overhauling the agency to achieve President William Ruto government’s ever-rising revenue targets (Standard, August 25, p.6). That’s fine. Next time, let’s read: University of Kabianga-trained Kenya Medical Research Institute CEO blah, blah.

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has said the government will do away with police roadblocks across the country from November which will be replaced with security patrols along the highway (Standard, August 25, p.14). That is the intro. Next: Prof Kindiki described Nyayo House as a crime scene due to the rampant corruption, where some Kenyans seeking passports were compelled to offer bribes before receiving assistance. Incoherent. What’s the link between police roadblocks and Nyayo House corruption?

Kakamega lands 10-tonne fish export deal to Italy, eyes Europe (Standard headline, August 25, p.24). Which Europe? Where is Italy?

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