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Hopelessness of covering Logos of Hope and other stories

So, the world’s largest floating library docks in Mombasa. Very well. Let’s hear The Truth from Nation on the day that the vessel landed:

In the headlines: A biiiiiiiig ship has come to Mombasa.

Intro: It is a veeeeery big ship!

Body: It is indeed a veeeeeeery veeeeeeery big ship.

Conclusion: It is a veeeeeery big ship.

But then, this well-choreographed story came as no surprise -who did we interview?

Why, everyone else but the ship’s captain and crew!

We interviewed port and county officials, some that did not seem to have an iota of an idea on why this massive ship packed with books was sailing into our waters.

“Why is the ship here?”

‘It is a boost for tourism…. The governor will officially open the ship…the tourism season has begun early….”

Really? What tourism? Since when did books become tourists?

Books are for reading, not for touring, and Logos of Hope is packed with thousands of books not thousands of tourists.

What take-away shots did we take? Oh, traditional dancers whose moves were eclipsed by the sheer size of the sailing monster.


We want to see the inside of the ship; we want to hear its captain say what drove him to sail nearly 2000 kilometres away from the ship’s last port of call; we want to see the books, we want to know how much they cost; how many books is this mammoth carrying in its belly, what subjects?

But what does the media go and ask? ‘What is the length of the ship?’ C’mon-it’s 132.5 meters long! This info is available online – you should have googled it long before the vessel sounded its horn for docking.

It is also not news that His Excellency the Governor of Mombasa would officially welcome the ship.

C’mon, the ship did not sail thousands of miles to meet the governor. Heck, the souls of the thousands of authors inside the ship do not give a cat’s fart who the governor of this noisy town they are docking at is.

The reporting of Logos of Hope was full of algorithms too. Hear this: “With only 50 bob charge a person is allowed to visit MV logos hope.

The ship will open its doors officially to the public

The ship is “…offering a selection of over 5,000 books?”

Five thousand? The largest floating library carries only 5,000 books? A ship longer than a football field? No way! Heck, even a small boat can carry more than this. Someone didn’t crosscheck.

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