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Why every newspaper needs revise editor, last defence against error

Kapmwon Primary School was originally staffed with six teachers, but only two have been left to instruct over 150 pupils (Standard intro, June 9, p.2). Para 3: Edward Kosut, Nandi. Para 4: Parents in Nandi South subcounty are concerned over a severe teacher shortage facing a local primary school after majority of teachers transferred. Para 5: Kapmwon Primary School was originally staffed…Why a newspaper needs a revise editor.

Para 2: On Monday, the parents staged a protest demanding the Ministry of Education replace the teachers. Para 8: On Monday, the parents staged…

 The National Hospital Insurance Fund, the premier insurer of the poor millions that have the luxury of a private medical cover, is in a deep financial hole (Star editorial, June 5, p.16). How’s NHIF the premier insurer of “the poor millions that have the luxury of a private medical cover”? They don’t.

Why sugar prices are leaving a bitter ‘taste’ in your pocket (Star, June 6, p.12). Oops! Sub arrested for abuse of imagery. Taste can’t be experienced in your pocket, nawe.

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party leader Raila Odinga yesterday warned of a possible return to mass protests over its push to pass the Finance Bill, 2023 and its failure to meet other demands (Nation, June 6, p.5). What is “its” here? Whose push to pass the Finance Bill? Whose failure to meet other demands? Azimio?

Row rocks police force over jobs (People Daily headline, June 7, p.1). Uskii? It’s called the National Police Service. Over the years police have struggled to change their public image from “force” to “service”. It seems in journalism and public imagination they still remain “force”.

Details have emerged of the multibillion-shilling teachers health insurance cover following the filing of a case by some tutors who allege that they are not getting value for their money and that the services are substandard (Nation, June 9, Back Page). The repetition is unnecessary, and ugly. To say “they are not getting value for their money” means “the services are substandard,” si ndio?

Kenya to receive Sh600m cancer equipment from nuclear agency (Nation headline, June 9, p.2). Intro: Kenya has received cancer diagnosis and treatment equipment worth Sh600 million at the ongoing International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) conference in Austria. Tenses: “Kenya to receive”, “Kenya has received.”

The don plans to make the institution a destination for both local and international studies, which calls for proper marketing (Standard, June 9, p.3). Do studies, local or international, need “a destination”? For what?

When human banditry is upstaged by stupidity the outcome is not difficult to fathom, given our collective tremendously diverse and outrageous experiences with their nefariousness (Nation opinion intro, June 8, p.16). Got that? Writer is “communication specialist”.

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