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TV47 bosses should diversify discussion topics on Morning Café show

By Janet Kipya

TV47 Morning Café is a reliable platform for insightful discussions on various topics that affect Kenyans. However, in recent times, the show has focused heavily on the Finance Bill 2023. The persistent focus on the bill as a recurring topic has the potential to lead to audience fatigue. This article discusses the importance of diversifying topics on the Morning Café show beyond the Finance Bill.

First, it is crucial to acknowledge that the Finance Bill 2023 is a critical matter that directly impacts every citizen and taxpayer. Even before the bill was subjected to parliamentary debate, it already garnered substantial attention and elicited strong reactions from various stakeholders. This is primarily due to its proposal to introduce new taxes that will have implications for both individuals and businesses.

Given the gravity of the situation, it is understandable that the Morning Café show has devoted a considerable amount of airtime to thoroughly discuss this important issue. However, it is equally important to note that there are other crucial issues affecting Kenyans that also require attention. These include the rising cases of gender-based violence, the state of the country’s infrastructure and the impact of climate change on the country’s agricultural sector. These issues not only affect Kenyans but also have a broader impact on the country’s development.

To ensure that the show meets the demands of a dynamic audience in today’s evolving media landscape, it is crucial to broaden the scope of discussions on the Morning Café. By covering topics beyond the Finance Bill, the show can cater to the diverse interests of its viewers, providing them with variety of fresh perspectives.

Diversifying the topics discussed on the show is important to avoid repetition and audience fatigue. While the bill may be significant, excessive focus on it can lead to decreased engagement and interest. Repetitive coverage of a single topic can become monotonous for the audience. Therefore, introducing a wider range of subjects will capture the attention of viewers and sustain their interests.

In addition, to avoiding repetition, the Morning Café has the opportunity to excel in promoting inclusivity and diversity in its discussions. By featuring a broader range of topics, the show can incorporate perspectives from different sectors of society. It is essential to give a voice to underrepresented groups and address the concerns of various demographics, including women, youth, and marginalised communities. This inclusivity will not only attract a wider audience but also foster a more inclusive and informed society.

Expanding the range of topics covered on the Morning Café will ensure the show brings in a wider pool of experts, policymakers, and other guests. By inviting parliamentarians from various political parties, incorporating women leaders, and engaging experts from different fields, the show can offer a more comprehensive and balanced analysis of topical issues. This approach will enhance the credibility of the show and provide viewers with a broader perspective on the topics being discussed.

In summary, by broadening the scope of discussions and covering a wider range of the topics, the Morning Café can meet the demands of a dynamic audience. To achieve this, the need to adapt to the evolving needs and preferences of viewers is key.

The author is a media analyst at MCK

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