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Sleazy stories soiling ‘The Standard’ mainstream brand

“Boring sex at home: Why many married men cheat with sex workers.”

Why should such a story sit above the fold on a mainstream newspaper? Yet, it did, in The Standard.

The March 13 story started out like watching porn.

“A good, prolonged moan and scream and new sex styles…”


Just that start is enough to stop the average reader in his tracks. Turns out the story was about an interview with sex workers. Okay, nothing wrong with that. But what was the angle?

Apparently, the story wanted to establish why married men get out of their matrimonial homes to pay for sex with prostitutes.

 Men are bored with women who just sleep in bed,” the story found out. “They come to us because they want to hear us scream,” one Njeri said. “Some even pay us more so that we can scream louder.”

Now, now, wait a minute. Why is this in The Standard, again? “A number of [the sex workers] who spoke to The Nairobian … “ Ah, so this was a story in for the tabloid?

How did it get on to The Standard, above the fold!

It must have been a random error. Or not – because this wasn’t the first time.

Take a look.

The Standard, February 26. A heading said, “’Ass-et Finance’: Big bum trend has shifted beauty standards, created financial opportunities for women.”

A cheeky heading. And the first thing that hit you after this heading was two pictures of a lady whose hips filled the width of the newspaper. No caption.

In the next picture, the lady is on her knees, blowing a jiko to light up. But it’s not about the jiko. The size of her bottom, sticking in the air, is bigger than her entire body.

The caption: “Njoki Murira shows off her assets.”

Dear Standard, these stories are soiling your mainstream brand.

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