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It’s not just dismissing hot air, judges also write delicious prose

“The field of love, no doubt, is littered with the wreckage of many a broken heart. The tears that have flowed, in the wake of betrayal, perfidy and other two- or multiple-timing adventures of lovers, are beyond reckoning. Thus must one who ventures into love do so alive to the perils that abound” (Court of Appeal judges Patrick Kiage, Mumbi Ngugi and Francis Tuiyot, Standard, September 26, p.4). When they are not dismissing “hot air” or refusing to be sent on “a wild goose chase”, judges can pen some delicious prose, don’t you think?

Azimio legislators have asked President William Ruto and the Kenya Kwanza government to deliver on their promises to Kenyans and stop blaming the government they inherited (Standard, September 26, p.6). Aje sasa hapo? Ruto and Kenya Kwanza did not “inherit” a government. Rather, they should stop blaming the government they succeeded/took over from.

Sometime in 2005, the Nairobi City Council mooted a plan to assemble all street children into one centre to reconstruct their lives and give them a future (Standard, September 26, p.12). Six paras down: The grand plan was to be actualised within a year. However, eight years later the centre remains a deserted shell, with construction materials strewn all over the place. From 2005 to 2022, that is eight years, right? Cherera Mazematik.

Perennial server headache rears head in 2022 petition (Nation, September 27, p.5). Inflation headache for CBK as shilling tumbles to record low (Standard, September 27, p.29). Manifesto headache: For some nominees in the executive…(Standard, September 29, p.1). Cliché created.

Five killed in deadly accident as matatu rams lorry (People Daily, September 26, p.2). What’s the point of “deadly” in this headline? A road crash in which five people are killed is “deadly”, without stating so.

 The Azimio One Kenya Coalition faces its make-or-break moment as its two dominant parties ODM and Jubilee Party convene to iron out teething internal wrangles over sharing of positions (People Daily, September 26, p.5). Glaringly contradictory. A “make-or-break moment” means a major crisis of survival; whereas “teething internal wrangles” refer to temporary problems at the start of a project, see the point?

In an exclusive interview with KTN’s Fathiya Noor, second lady Bishop Dorcas Gachagua shares her journey from being a house help, attempted suicide to being the spouse to Kenya’s most powerful man, DP Rigathi Gachagua (The Standard Digital, September 27). Watu nguyas, by what measure is Riggy G “Kenya’s most powerful man”?

President William Ruto has moved to actualise his pet agenda of helping hustlers by creating a ministry whose function will be to deal with matters of small businesses (Standard, September 28, p.2). You have nine unnecessary words: “whose function will be to deal with matters of”. Simply say, a ministry “for” small businesses. Trim the fat, tighten copy.

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