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When an event is postponed, is it pushed forward or back?

A spirited bid has been mounted to solidify Northern Kenya behind President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga and lock out Deputy President William Ruto (Star, September 3, p.5). Next page: Deputy President William Ruto made a spirited fight back yesterday over allegations of whipping up a false hustler narrative… Things can get quite “spirited” at Lion Place, uh!

The 9th edition of the Africities Summit to be held in Kisumu has been pushed forward to May 17, 2022 from April 26-30 (Nation, August 27, p.3). Now, has this event been pushed “forward” or “back”? Unaonaje? Pushed back.

Intro: From 1964, we began to amend the independence Constitution without much consultation with the Kenyan people (Standard, August 31, p.6). Who is “we”? This ambiguity distorts history. The record is clear who started mutilation of the Constitution and why.

Headline: CS decries Covid vaccines theft in hospitals (Standard, August 31, p.12). Intro: As Kenya struggles with the scarcity of coronavirus vaccines, reports have emerged of rogue practitioners stealing doses from hospitals and carrying out private vaccinations. The sole source of this info is Health CS Mutahi Kagwe. So, why not attribute the information to him straightaway instead of the irritating roundabout cliché “reports have emerged”?

Hope for justice for slain freelance journalist William Munuhe is diminishing as a compensation suit filed by his elder brother at the High Court is on the brink of collapsing (Standard, August 31, p.14). No, it is on the brink of collapse.

Finally: On June 23, a 32-year-old Gambian woman set out on a 50-day journey in search of her unknown mother in Kenya (Nation, August 31, p.3). Three numbers in this short intro (June 23, 32-year-old, 50-day) slow down reading and disrupt comprehension.

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