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What are Minji Minji’s new ‘aggregation centres’ in Kirinyaga?

Farmers in Kirinyaga County are set to benefit from the construction of four new aggregation centers (TV47 Kenya online). Turns out Minji Minji’s government is building four new markets. Soko. “Aggregation centres” ni kizungu miiingi ya TV47.

The by-election for the Kiambaa constituency in Kiambu follows the untimely death of the sitting MP Paul Koinange from Covid-19 in March (Star, July 6, p.4). Why would a newspaper qualify a death as “untimely”? Leave that to mourners.

Wasonga retains Uasu post as dons elect new set of leaders (People Daily headline, July 6, p.3). For the first time in its history, the Universities Academic Staff Union elected a woman as chairperson, Dr Grace Nyongesa. But PD did not find that important enough for the headline. Men must be on top.

President Uhuru Kenyatta makes an elaborate tour of Ukambani today after previous postponements (Standard, July 9, p.8). Next: The president is on a development visit of Machakos and Makueni, which has been scaled down to cushion locals against the risk of Covid-19 exposure. How can one make an “elaborate” tour that has, at the same time, “been scaled down”?

However, she is finding it increasingly harder to stay sustain production of her popular production due to a rise in the price of cooking oil, flour and cooking gas (Nation, July 6, p.7). What is “to stay sustain production”?

A while back, a called me, sounding excited (Nation, July 6, p.15). Baridi ya July ilichapa sub hapa, haoni hasikii.

In a letter dated May 21, Kalonzo wrote a protest letter to Raila over his lack of commitment to address the money standoff (Standard, July 6, p.6). In a letter dated May 21, Kalonzo protested to Raila, not “Kalonzo wrote a protest letter to Raila”, come on!

Children and adolescents are vulnerable to the deadly Covid-19 Delta variant ravaging western Kenya. Unlike most adults, children have not been vaccinated and are at risk of getting severe disease (Standard, July 6, p.10). Have “most adults” been vaccinated in Kenya? Less than half a million were fully vaccinated last week.

Finally, worst headlines of the week: Killer cop told Juja hotel staff she was going out to buy toothpaste (Star, July 8, p.1). Armed and dangerous, killer cop not new to drama (People Daily, July 8, p.1). Corporal Caroline Kangogo was allegedly on the run for suspected killings at the time these headlines were written. She had not been charged, let alone convicted, for murder by any court of law. So, how did PD and Lion Place decide she was a “killer cop”? Trial by press is gutter journalism.

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