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Uhuru was not showing Raila vast family ranch in Naivasha

By Lucy Mwangi, George Nyamita

  1. A tweet by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi claiming the arrest of Caroline Kangogo, the female police officer said to have gone rogue and killed two people, is misleading. Kangogo hit the headlines after allegedly killing colleague and lover John Ogweno on Tuesday, July 5, and Peter Ndwiga, another alleged lover, on Wednesday, July 6. According to DCI reports, Kangogo is still being hunted and at large. The last tweet by the DCI on July 6 said the suspect was still being pursued, was armed and dangerous.

2. A video has been circulating on the Internet of motorbike riders apparently snatching a police officer’s phone at a roundabout where he was controlling traffic. The incident elicited varied reactions on social media. The National Police Service(@NPSOfficial_KE) tweeted on July 7 denying the incident occurred. The video was manipulated and had malicious intent, they said.

3. A tweet posted by NTV Kenya on June 29 on their official handle claiming the owner of Solai Dam Perry Mansukh was dead was flagged as fake. The tweet alleged the farmer and industrialist succumbed to Covid-19. The national television channel found itself in hot soup following people’s reactions to the information. It was Perry’s father, Patel Mansukh Shantilal, who died on Monday evening, June 28, while undergoing treatment at the Aga Khan Hospital where he reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest. NTV apologised to Perry’s family and for sharing false information on social media.

4. A tweet claiming to show President Kenyatta pointing at Kedong ranch, which is allegedly owned by the First Family, is fake. The image was posted by award-winning Kenyan photographer, artist and activist Boniface Mwangi. A Google Reverse image search by The Observer found that the image used in the claim was first posted by State House’s official twitter account in June 27 during the World Rally Championship when President Kenyatta joined thousands of Kenyans in Naivasha to witness the Power Stage Finish of the 2021 rally.


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