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How did scribes know Raila has ‘watertight’ BBI appeal case?

Oh, so we can actually sue the President on literary anything? (Sunday Nation, May 16, p.24). Literally. Matamchi.

The National Treasury has announced plans to apply pressure on rich Kenyans as part of a guarantee to recover the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan (K24 TV tweet, May 17). What was reported here? Nothing. Words without meaning. “Apply pressure on the rich,” says nothing concrete.

Chaos rocked Marsabit town yesterday as rowdy youths pelted stones and looted shops while protesting against escalating insecurity in the county (Nation, May 18, p.3). “Pelted stones” is bad English. Pelt means attack by repeatedly hurling things at. So, the youths pelted someone with stones.

Justice Ngugi-led Constitutional Court to consider stay of BBI judgement on May 26; AG application certified agent (Capital FM Breaking News, May 18). Capital FM writers have no idea of the difference between “urgent” and “agent”?

Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s team was yesterday putting together a watertight case against the High Court ruling that declared the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) process unconstitutional (People Daily, May 18, p.4). How did PD know the case was “watertight”? That is opinion, not news.

Seven days have elapsed since Police IG Hillary Mutyambai gave officers seven days to report on the video of a Mombasa policewoman complaining of sexual harassment (Star, May 18, p.2). The repetition of “seven days” is awkward. Two, what is the news? “Seven days have elapsed”? Next: He ordered the report to be on his desk in seven days. Aagh, come on!

After knock-out, BBI promoters should change tact (People Daily headline, May 18, p.10). Change tack.

Kirinyaga governor Anne Wairungu to testifying in Sh791 million NYS criminal case against former PS Peter Mangiti, ex-Director General Nelson Githinji and 22 others; she is listed as a crucial witness (TheStarBreaking, May 19). “To testifying”? Kizungu gani hii?

Jah weed is our sacrament, says Kenyan Rastafarians (Standard, May 22, p.1). Say.

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