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The news is Cardinal Njue said the pope is Catholic

Basic Education PS Julius Jwan on Friday said marking [of KCSE] would be done by teachers contracted by the Kenya National Examination Council (Star, April 20, p.10). Why is this news? That is how it is always done. Cardinal Njue said the Pope is Catholic.

On his return, Mutua is said to have come back with the intentions of acquiring the title deed to sell the same land, something that the woman and her children resisted (Standard, April 19, p.3). “On his return, Mutua is said to have come back…” Kizungu gani hii?

Private schools in the country say they are satisfied with the recently released Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination results (People Daily, April 19, p.2). Subs, cut out the phrase “in the country” that is common in Kenya journalism. It mostly adds zero value. Tighten copy.

For the purpose of this report, The Standard will refer to the parties in the suit as KKR for the man and RC for the woman to protect the identity of their children (Standard, April 22, p.3). What is the point of the opening subordinate clause “for the purpose of this report”? The point is clear without it. Waste of six words.

The talks kicked off during the weekend when two different committees were formed to initiate the discussions (People Daily, April 19, p.4). Can we please leave “kick off” to football, ok, sports generally? Talks “kick off”, funeral “kicks off”, tree planting “kicks off”, is ugly imagery.

Open letter to His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta (heading of opinion piece, People Daily, April 19, p.11). Boring. Why would anyone read anything like that? A good headline writer picks a sexy element in the piece and highlights it.

Visitors are dwarfed by a statue of Christ at the Shrine of Immaculate Conception in Lodwar, Turkana County, on Monday. The towering statue can be seen visible from several kilometers away (photo caption, Nation, April 22, p.21). “Can be seen” means “visible”. Writer had no idea.

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