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PEN COP: ‘Emotions ran high’ doesn’t say what exactly happened

Emotions ran high as the funeral ceremony went on in the village in Gichugu Constituency (Nation online, November 26). Cliché reserved for funerals. “Emotions ran high” doesn’t tell readers what exactly happened. State what took place and the readers will decide whether what you describe amounts to “emotions ran high”. By the way, even at weddings or a disco “emotions run high” but reporters never say so.

Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union (KMPDU) Secretary General Dr Chibanzi Mwachonda on Tuesday said their members were more exposed to the virus, and many were dying…Dr Mwachinda said…(Capital FM online, November 24). Which “Dr Mwachinda”, now? Iko chida.

 Controller of Budget Margaret Nyakang’o has waded into the controversy surrounding delayed release of Sh78 billion to counties even as governors yesterday warned that services could ground to a halt if the Treasury holds unto the funds (People Daily, November 24, p.5). Services could soon “grind to a halt”.

Counties usually receive their equitable share on the 15th day of the month, but the Senate amended the County Allocation Revenue Bill, so the gubernatorial units could access what was due to them during the first quarter of the year in lump sum (People Daily, November 24, p.5). New one. What on earth are “gubernatorial units”? If that is another name for counties, could the country be referred to as “presidential unit”, or a hospital “doctoral unit”?

The story of Jermaine John Grant, a British national who has been incarcerated for almost a decade, reveals a man with a dark past and penchant to breaking the law. The 36-year-old Muslim convert…(People Daily, November 24, p.4). What has Grant’s Muslim religion got to do with his incarceration, dark past and penchant for breaking the law?

The government has hundreds or perhaps thousands of civil servants aged over 60 years serving in various departments, including higher positions (Capital FM online, November 21). Ala! This is supposed to be journalism. If you are not sure whether it is “hundreds or perhaps thousands” you go find out. Or leave speculation out of the story.

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