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PEN COP: ‘As far as blah blah is concerned…’ Ooliskia wapi?

As far as secondary schools are concerned, the CS said that 75 per cent of them are day institutions, which are also free (People Daily, September 22, p.2). As far as blah, blah is concerned is a waste of words. State the point.

A decade ago, Kenneth Kinuthia was a lumberjack, working across the country to find the best timber from various forests, cutting down trees and selling off the wood across the country.

 In the early 2000s the government cracked down on logging across the country…

 By this time his wife’s horticulture farm had expanded and attracted clients from across the country (The Standard, Smart Harvest, September 19, p.2). Is this a composition about “across the country” ?

It is here that she met a Good Samaritan who offered to return her back to school (Standard, Eve, September 19, p.4). “Return back” is wrong. Return is enough, meaning in this case take her back to school.

The recent evictions of families from the forest is said to have triggered the fresh of violence, which has been recurring almost every year (The Standard, September 19, p.20). What is “fresh of violence”?

Simechero was hailed as a hero and “illustrious son of Malinya”, but in life the departed man held many titles. He represented the Idakho sub-tribe in the Luhya Elders Forum and was a successful farmer and renowned businessman (Nation, September 19, p.3). Introducing “but” in a sentence means the writer will state something contrary to what has just been said. Simechero was hailed as a hero and the next sentence provides the evidence. What is the point of “but”?

 For instance, she said that during a burial the coffin will remain closed and will not be opened for viewing (People Daily, September 23, p.3). Is it not enough to say the coffin will remain closed? What is the value of “and will not be opened for viewing”?

While a section of politicians and legal experts were upbeat that the advisory could re-energise the BBI with MPs calling yesterday for its implementation to address gaps in the Constitution, others maintained that it dealt a death knell to the push for constitutional changes (People Daily, September 23, p.6). The correct form of that expression is “sound a death knell”.

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