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10 questions for spokesperson Oguna who has vanished

Has anyone seen Gava Spox Col (retired) Cyrus Oguna? What happened to his weekly briefings? Oguna is MIA. His job is to talk. But he has not done so for months, publicly that is. What is going on? Reporters have missed him.

Here are 10 questions for him as he plans to step back into the limelight:

Q1: President Uhuru Kenyatta gave the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission 21 days to unravel suspected theft of billions of shillings of Covid-19 funds at the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa). The President issued the deadline on August 27 and it elapsed on Wednesday, September 16. What is the status of the investigation he ordered?

Q2: Is it true that police officers in Nairobi have been directed to buy their own uniform? Somebody might suggest they buy guns and handcuffs as well. The Daily Nation on September 16 (p.14) reported that “the government has failed to supply uniforms to all units, passing the responsibility to individual officers.” Is this a new government policy?

Q3: What happened to Huduma Namba? When are people getting the cards they registered for?

Q4: The water level in many Rift Valley lakes has risen dangerously, wreaking havoc on communities living nearby. Owners of hotels and other facilities around the lakes are counting loses after their premises were flooded. What is the government doing to help the affected people and to support the businesses to recover?

Q5: The President launched transportation of crude oil from Turkana to depots at the Coast. Kenya reportedly joined the exclusive club of oil exporters. How much oil has the country exported? Where is the money? What is the status of oil extraction in Turkana and other parts of the country?

Q6: The government announced it would build 500,000 affordable houses by 2022 under the housing pillar of the Big Four Agenda. That is less than two years away. How many houses are now ready? Have people moved in?

Q7: How are the projects under the manufacturing pillar doing? Why does Kenya still import simple items like toothpicks and yet the country aspires to grow its manufacturing sector, which contributes a paltry 8 per cent to the GDP?

Q8: The Kazi Mtaani initiative has helped thousands of young people to earn an income during this difficult period of the Covid-19 pandemic. The response from the youth shows how serious the problem of unemployment is in Kenya and the urgent need to address it comprehensively. But Kazi Mitaani is only a temporary measure that ends in December. The youths will be jobless again. What long-term plans does the government have for them?

Q9: Could you please clarify whether ODM leader Raila Odinga has a government job? If so, what job is it? If not, in what capacity does he get briefings from high-ranking government officials?

Q10: Finally, why did you disappear from public view? When do you resume weekly briefings?

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