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PEN COP: How can officer who retired a year ago be “outgoing”?

The government has invited tenders for the development of the much-awaited Nairobi Railway City project intended to expand the Central Business District (The Star, July 23, p.23). “Much-awaited” by whom? Perhaps by Lion Place? Then they should place their opinion in the right place.

It is expected that the report will be presented to Health CS Mutahi Kagwe by Friday for onward submission to President Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of the Monday meeting (People Daily, July 22, p.4). What’s “onward submission”? Cut the officialese. The report will be presented to Kagwe to give the President.

A Ugandan man and his Kenyan accomplice were charged on Monday in a Nairobi court with being in possession of explosives (The Star, July 22, p.9). Could we leave “being in possession of” to police and prosecutors? They were charged with possession of explosives. Or chang’aa, contraband, stolen malenge, etcetera.

Hundreds of grieving and furious mourners have threatened to stage massive protests if the government does not track down and arrest Pokot bandits in two weeks (The Star, July 22, p.30). This taints an entire community. How does The Star know the attackers in this story were “Pokot bandits”? There are no Pokot bandits, Luo rapists or Ogiek arsonists. Or Maasai carjackers. They are criminals in their individual capacities.

Gathungu made the remarks during a handover ceremony from outgoing Auditor General Edward Ouko Thursday as she assumed office (KBC online, July 23). Nope. Ouko retired nearly a year ago at the end of his eight-year term. How could he be described last week as “outgoing Auditor General”?

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