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PEN COP: ‘Fatally bludgeoned to death’ is tautology

Instead, he was fatally bludgeoned to death on Sunday night, a witness said (Star, May 5, p.2). “Fatally bludgeoned to death” is repetetive because “fatally” means “to death”. So, he was fatally bludgeoned or he was bludgeoned to death but not both.

In a separate incident, local youths become rowdy when police confronted them demanding why they had declined to wear face masks (Standard, May 6, p.4) What is the past tense of become? Finje for the correct answer.

Monday’s events has sent ODM back to the drawing board, with Senate Minority Leader James Orengo threatening a mass walkout by the party from the powerful committee (Standard, May 6, p.12). Monday’s events has?

The recently created job creation initiative for informal settlements across the country will benefit at least 10,600 youths in Mathare, Kibera, Mukuru and Korogocho (Star, May 6, p.23). “The recently created job creation initiative” sounds awkward. Rewrite. The new jobs initiative for informal settlements…

Coronavirus spread likely to shift workplace dynamics – Kepsa (Star headline, March 9, p.15). What does this headline tell the reader? Almost nothing. “Shift workplace dynamics” is vague.

All the six passengers, including the crew, on board the Embraer 120 plane, with tail registration 5Y AXO, owned by the African Express, died on the spot after it was hit with a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) under unclear circumstances on Monday evening (People Daily, May 6, p.14). So, how many persons were in the aircraft in total, if six were passengers? In fact, the aircraft had six people, including the crew. PD report is confusing by saying six were passengers.

Kenyans across the country have started going back to work in the past week, a new report has revealed (Nation, May 6, p.6). What is the purpose of the words “across the country” in this intro? Sentence is neater without them.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has denied that his Wednesday meeting with ODM leader Raila Odinga meeting was about politics (People Daily, May 8, p.2). The sub had earphones on listening to Mugithi.

The drama surrounding the Senate committee elections went a notch higher after ODM de-whipped Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina, four days after he was picked to head a powerful House committee (People Daily, May 8, p.2). There you have it! One day some of these things will go a notch lower.

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