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Pen cop: Of lynching murders and phallocentric memes

Nairobi County Jubilee MCAs have calling on President Uhuru Kenyatta to convene a Jubilee Party members’ caucus to end supremacy wrangles at the assembly (Standard, November 12, p.2). “MCAs have calling on President Uhuru”? Where is such grammar taught?

 Three Kapenguria men were found guilty of a lynching murder on Monday and sentenced to 25 years each for burning a 72-year-old man alleged to have practised witchcraft (Star, November 12, p.30). What crime, “lynching murder”?

As a result, little is known about the conduct of crimes committed by officers, it [new survey] says, adding that the reported cases are just a tip of the iceberg (People Daily, November 12, 2019, p.6). The correct form of this expression is “the tip of an iceberg”, meaning a small, noticeable part of a larger, hidden problem or situation.

 The groups are fast normalising gender stereotypes, complete with phallocentric memes and rhymes for their perceived opponents (Standard, November 12, p.6). Hey, come slowly! This is a newspaper, not an academic journal.

The letter dated November 8, and copied to Deputy |President William Ruto and Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju, request [requests] the intervention of the party in the City Hall leadership wars that now threatens [threaten] to spill out of control (Standard, November 12, p.8)

Ex-cop gets life sentence for shooting three dead (People Daily headline, November 14, p.5). Intro: A former police officer who shot dead three people 16 years ago in a drunken stupor has been sentenced to death. So, what was the sentence: life imprisonment or death?

In the first incident, Ezron Kenda, 17, a student and Muchukwo Secondary School in Baringo North, died after complaining of chest and throat complications. She also had a swollen neck. He was taken ill after sitting his Maths paper (People Daily, November 13, p.3). Was this student male or female? Or both?

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