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MEDIASCAPE: Freedom without responsibility is prostitute’s prerogative

We need to call a reconciliation meeting between the online desks and the much over-rated “mainstream” news desks.

Oh, just for the record, our mutual friend Denis Itumbi is proving to us that online is the next big thing.

Why, guy gave the mainstream media two major stories via his Twitter account: one about a woman conned through Equity’s Eazzy app.

Then there was the story that got some International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) official deported.

The investigation on the incident by ICRC began when Itumbi called for action against the expatriate.

“A concerned lady whose only interest was to protect the good name of your organization tried to calm him down and he dismissed her as a monkey,” tweeted Mr. Itumbi.

Still, we are mistreating our online platforms. Heck, we are treating them like second-hand outlets.

In the process, we are embarrassing our online writers.

Picture this: ‘Soldier’, the donkey used by Lamu police for transport dies of old age, a story filed online by Joseph Ndunda.

Beautiful story, but its only crime was that it was filed online, and online for most of our news desks is the “other”, the competitor.

So, the story ended up running: It was confirmed dead shortly thereafter.

The animal christened “Soldier” suddenly collapsed and died at Kiwayu police post compound at 10 am on Thursday shortly after returning from overnight grazing together with other donkeys. Terrence, this is stupid stuff…

The intro was: “Police in Lamu have lost a donkey that is suspected to have died of old age.”

We do not hire subs for online. Wait until the ambulance chasers discover this. Our online platforms are a libel minefield.

See this one from the Standard online:


“Police said they found the decomposing body of the son who has been a pupil at a private school in the city in their bedroom …. Police believe the woman is in a cult.

She was detained at the Industrial Area police station ahead of a planned visit to a psychiatrist for assessment of her mental status. This will determine the way forward of the case.”

What is wrong with this story? Of course it is “online.” So, nobody bothered to edit this breaking news story headlined “UoN lecturer arrested after son, 13, found dead in her house.”

Still, our overrated “mainstream news desks” remain just so: overrated.

How else do you explain this headline: “Slay queen corporal is NYS tender tycoon”?

Granted, corporal Caroline Mango might be a shady character, and yes, she is suspected of stealing Sh.87m from NYS.

But to call her a “slay queen” on page one of a national newspaper, replete with a picture of her and two her teenage daughters leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Besides, ‘slay queen’ is slang, and we thought twin towers banned use of slang in its little red book on style?

And now for the gem of the week: Standard’s slow death of once vibrant towns: “Prostitutes have now been rendered jobless.” This in, Mombasa and Rift valley.

But let’s not forget that prostitution is illegal in Kenya, it is not a business either – until they start issuing receipts with a disclaimer that “goods once sole will not be returned.”


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