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How not to write: Redundancy on the Star

Editors and subs are the last line of defense in story telling. They are often credited or discredited based on how audiences perceive media content which in essence should be creative, informative, entertaining and educative

In the last issue of the Observer, an important issue was raised on how not to write. The basis of the article was not necessarily to look at grammar or spelling but the general content of a news story.

The Star newspaper, for instance, on January 7, 2019, the Editorial team did a shoddy job on the headlines. Page 6 carried a story with the sub-headline ‘Budalang’i leaders told to end bitter political bickering’, by Gilbert Ochieng. In essence, there is nothing wrong with this headline until you turn to page 10 of the same copy. Two other headlines have the same ‘told to’ verb.

Page 10 had ‘Chebukati told to choose neutral poll boss for Embakasi’ by Clouse Masika and ‘Doctors told to try dialogue before going on strike’, by Manuel Odeny.

Surely, there must be synonyms that the responsible editor could have employed in place of these ugly repetitions. In any case, journalism is also a creative art.

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