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Random thoughts on the mediascape

It’s been a very noisy week in the media. So, we do not know exactly where to start about what we did right or what we did wrong.

But let us stick to the Sharon Otieno-Governor Okoth Obado story, perhaps the closest we came to writing a Shakespearean tragi-comedy version of Romeo and Juliet.

The week before, we debated on whether we murdered Sharon’s story more than she was murdered, by not delving into the “so-what” angle.

Alas, it seems like we all took the cue and all ran to Obado’s side of the story, eager to complete a perfect Romeo and Juliet script.

The week before, we sided with Juliet and her tragic end, trying our best to wring the last tear drop from our readers, listeners and viewers. After squeezing the last dry eye, we ran to Romeo, all teary and confessing that he made Juliet pregnant.

Sob sob sob – someone give me a handkerchief- this is sooo romantic!

We wiped away a tear or two when Romeo called out all of his witnesses, including his ‘lovely wife’ and even more lovely children.

Perfect soap opera, sob, sob, sob!

All this because we suddenly realised we have been running a script strewn with innuendo; that, like we did with DCJ Philomena Mwilu’s ‘famous’ arrest  or, the late Nicholas Biwott in the immediate aftermath of Robert Ouko’s killing, we rushed to be the victim, witness and judge.

Truth is, after Sharon and her unborn baby are buried and gone, someone might smile all the way to the bank, courtesy of a multi-million libel award.

But from where we sit, all media houses need to start studying the headlines and stories we have done about Obado and Sharon, because this tragi-comedy might get more tragic in our libel budgets.

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