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MyGov’s fake news about Tolgos

Governor says no to Sh100 million homes plan”. That was the lead story of the government weekly, MyGov.

“Elgeyo Marakwet county assembly set aside Sh100 million for the official residence of both the governor and speaker which Governor Alex Tolgos has now rejected, saying he would not assent to a budget which will cut back on development spending,” the paper reported.

“Governor Alex Tolgos said he was ready to forego his rent from July next year, as stipulated by an October 2016 Salaries and Remuneration Commission circular, as long as the development funding remained intact,” the report filed by a KNA scribe said.

Such a sensible governor! A rare politician.

But wait, is this the truth? According to the Standard on Monday, July 2 (p.8), Elgeyo Marakwet assembly “thwarted plans to build official residences for the governor and speaker.”

“This means Governor Alex Tolgos and Speaker Philemon Sabulei will continue living in Eldoret town, some 30km away, and commute to work daily in Iten town,” the paper reported. Apparently, there are no suitable houses in Kenya’s athletics capital.

“The Budget and Appropriations Committee had proposed to allocate Sh100 million to build the residences but MCAs re-allocated the funds to development.”

On June 27, the Star carried a story titled, “Ward reps shoot down Tolgos home budget”.

“Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Alex Tolgos will continue living in the neighbouring county after MCAs yesterday rejected plans to build a governor’s residence,” the paper reported.

“Earlier this month, the county assembly Budget and Appropriation committee proposed to allocate Sh100 million to build the official residences of the governor and assembly speaker. But the assembly declined to allocate the funds ahead of the tabling of the 2018-19 budget tomorrow.”

So, where did the KNA reporter get the story published by MyGov last week?

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