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Celebrating a sacking that never was

Last Monday, a popular and controversial presenter at the Gikuyu language radio station Kememe FM was  allegedly sent packing. The MediaMax, who own the station, has come out to say they have not sacked the presenter and the matter was not related to the Murang’a water crisis.

This piece of news shocked Moses Kanyira’s many listeners and friends. His equally many critics jubilated.  Fearing that he might be sacked due to an internal disciplinary matter, Kanyira posted on his Facebook page that a thought of suicide crossed his mind.

“Am passing the most trying period in my life. If it is not my God, this can amount to commit suicide.” (sic)

In response, Ann Wambui wrote: “Ur a grt presenter, fear not just have faith n trust in God…all shall b well…Gods ways are not lyk of men. may God ansa UA prayers in a miraculous way.”

Peterson Mureithi: “Just b strong bro, all will b well, to those who are mocking you, leave them to God, you are strong bro.”

Tsooni Wa Chegeh: “Kanyira be strong this is just but a passing cloud. You will conquer it. God is there for u.”

Charles Njogu: “I dont know whether i can understand or even enjoy News read by any other apart from Moses Kanyira…..the worst tragedy that can befall a person is speaking and standing with truth in the modern world, you lose your job and everything ….jipe moyo God is watching.”

And so on. But Kanyira’s critics were dancing themselves lame.

Julie Wangoi: “With all the hate he has for raila omollo odinga? Na afutwe kazi? And the way he is tribal…. Enyewe mungu halalangi…. Now Mr, anza kazi ya kuuza mitumba.”

Charles Njogu: “Never be tribalistic, you better be a Kenyan, you may be safe today but tomorrow u are not, i have learnt a lesson, preach kenya don’t preach ruriri and uthamaki.”

Sos Kuria: “I can never wish anything bad even to my worst enemy but this guy had moved tribalism to another level even though the institution he was working for seems to advocate for it.”

Naftali Ndegwa: “Kanyira was supposedly sacked for speaking the truth. Water is being diverted from Murang’a to Nairobi (read Kenyattas family farm in ruiru). Muranga people should start realizing that what Raila said, although I didn’t support him at the time, is nothing but the truth. Tunnels of death. Wake up and smell the coffee.”

And on and on…

El Patrón tweeted: “I’m waiting for Kameme FM presenter Moses Kanyira to commit suicide so that I can go to his page and write: Good Riddance!!!”

Kevin Junta tweeted: “Moses Kanyira, Radio presenter on Kameme Fm who was in fore front in insulting Raila live was sacked yesterday because of trying to talk about water shortage in Muranga. So in short you have to sing “Jubilee ndaaani” facing Mount Kenya to live in our own country in peace.”

According to a report by Radio Jambo, Kanyira was fired “for allegedly going ham on Muranga’s water tunnel and the resultant shortage of the precious commodity.”

Former Standard journalist and avid blogger Wahome Thuku who broke the story of Kanyira’s purported sacking posted that the broadcaster “was dismissed today for speaking about Murang’a water problem on radio. Apparently, the show he aired [Sunday, 18 February] did not go well with the Murang’a County bosses and the station top management/owners.”

Thuku went on: “Kanyira sent a very emotional farewell message to his colleagues today which I will not share if he has not done it himself. He says the events today almost led him to commit suicide. Losing a job when his mom is in hospital. Which heartless employer does that?”

Thuku speculated that the Murang’a water issue is a hot potato and Kanyira’s sacking was a warning shot to journalists. “Muranga water is now a killer topic,” Thuku wrote.

Ironically, Kanyira openly supported the government shutdown of sections of the media last month. He wrote:

“I am in media but in full support of government crackdown in media houses that supported Nasa political mutiny. Some may argue that it’s [a] way of curtailing media freedom, but we must all remember that political insubordination can lead this country to burn. Can I ask a very simple question to the critics? Can media be allowed to air [an] Al Shabab live event? If the answer is no, why then can we allow media to broadcast recalcitrance?”

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